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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

Posted: April 14, 2020

Those with pets will understand that their back gardens are no longer theirs – it’s their pet’s territory now – which means dogs will most likely create their own runways and cats will turn over multiple spots of the earth after toilet trips. So as delightful as it is having pets, it’s difficult to strike the balance between having them and maintaining a picture-perfect back garden. This is why many people turn to artificial grass, not only does it provide homeowners with full green coverage all-year-round but it’s also kind to your pets too. To find out more about how safe artificial grass is for your pets, read on.

Artificial grass to avoid when you have pets

  • Avoid ‘shock pad’ artificial grass if you have pets
    Shock pad grass is excellent for families with children, as it cushions them should they fall. However, if you have pets, artificial shock pad grass will be unable to drain their urine and will leave your lawn smelly.
  • Avoid old or imported artificial grass if you have pets
    It’s not always the case but old or imported artificial grass can have a lead backing and this can be toxic for pets, especially if they like to chew!

Benefits of having artificial grass when you have pets

  • Artificial grass is soft on your pet’s paws
    Over time our lawns can become worn by our pets, which leads to hard, bald patches of grass, whereas, artificial lawns will remain spongy and soft under your furry friend’s paws.
  • Artificial grass will put a stop to mucky pets
    Wet grass can encourage pets to dig because it’s even easier than usual, but with artificial grass, pets will be unable to do so and therefore, they will remain clean even after a downpour.
  • Pet-friendly artificial grass will drain your pet’s urine with ease
    Thanks to the way pet-friendly artificial grass is designed, it can drain urine away just like it does with the rain, which means no dead patches of grass and an ever-clean lawn.
  • Artificial grass is low maintenance and easy to clean
    When your pets nip out for a number two, don’t worry, simply remove with a bag like you normally would and every so often clean with soapy water to keep the lawn fresh.
  • Artificial grass is safer for pets
    Artificial grass will be free from thorns, weeds and stinging nettles, which is good news for a nosey pet. Artificial grass provides dogs and cats with a safe place to roam. 

Should you have any questions for our experts regarding the installation of pet-friendly artificial turf, contact our knowledgeable experts today. We offer our services to customers throughout Glasgow, Ayrshire, Falkirk and the Stirling area.  

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