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Does artificial grass look & feel like real grass?

Posted: February 3, 2020

Anyone who wants their property to look inviting and well cared for will likely spend a considerable amount of time and effort on improving their garden. A big element of this is the lawn, which can make or break the garden’s overall look and takes a lot of work to maintain.

Artificial grass installation is a practical solution – it looks immaculate all year round – but proud homeowners may be hesitant to commit, wondering whether fake grass looks real enough to be passed off as natural. In this article, we tackle the real grass vs artificial grass dilemma to find out whether you can truly tell one from the other.

What makes fake grass realistic?

How realistic your artificial grass seems will be affected by a number of things, but it goes without saying that the quality of the turf and, importantly, its installation, are key factors.

Don’t be put off by the cost of artificial grass installation – it’s advisable to opt for a professional service in order to get the best results for your lawn. This will ensure that you experience the soft, cushioned feel of walking on real grass. Properly installed artificial grass has a level, even surface which may not feel as natural as the dips and hills found in natural grass, but most gardens tend to be mostly flat anyway so this shouldn’t be too noticeable.

During the installation process, an artificial grass infill made of sand or rubber is usually used to cover the mesh foundation and keep the grass upright. This creates the illusion of soil and mimics the effect of grass springing back up after being walked on. The better the infill, the more realistic the turf will appear – cutting corners will only result in a poor quality lawn, which will worsen over time. Investing in artificial grass is a big commitment; you’ll want to make sure that you get value for your money – don’t be swayed by companies that slash their installation costs by compromising on quality.

Artificial grass through the seasons

Artificial grass continues to look great all year round without requiring the maintenance of real grass. By investing in artificial grass, you can rid yourself of many laborious seasonal tasks that a natural lawn demands:

  • In winter, lacklustre grass will be a thing of the past – artificial grass looks full of life all year round. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bad weather causing a muddy lawn and unsightly bald patches, or winter grass cutting in freezing cold weather.
  • In spring, while everybody else is tending to weeds and moss that have appeared on their lawn, you can rest assured that the weed-preventing membrane underneath your artificial turf will have taken care of this.
  • In summer, you can spend precious time enjoying the garden with loved ones, rather than constantly mowing the lawn! The grass won’t be damaged by children and pets playing on it, either.
  • In autumn, you won’t have to worry about applying fertiliser to your grass, nor will you need to think about the efficiency of its drainage as the rainier months approach – Easigrass Glasgow specialises in transforming muddy lawns with poor drainage.

There are many types of artificial grass available, each of them offering their own qualities to suit different requirements. For example, the Easi-Holland range is great for heavy footfall; the Easi-Pet range has extra features added during the installation process to make it suitable for animals; the Easi-Specialist range is extremely durable which is great for heavy-traffic play areas. These differences will all be accounted for during the installation.

Here at Easigrass Glasgow, we’re experts in the supply, installation and maintenance of artificial grass. We offer a wide range of quality artificial grasses that are available to view in our dedicated showroom. Our expert fitters can provide a full installation, leaving your new lawn ready to be enjoyed straight away. To find out how realistic our artificial grass is, why not see it for yourself – contact our friendly team today.

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